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History of the Fouta

Like the Japanese furoshiki multi-purpose fabric, the Tunisian Fouta,this rectangle with its  small fringed sides woven, has crossed multiple civilizations since Roman times until today.
As time went on, it has transcended its use of bath towel used in Roman baths, to know, since then, countless practicaluses.
In its original dimensions 100 cm x 200 cm, it is used as bath towel,for beach,as pareo,or as extra cloth.
Enlarged to 200 cm * 200 cm, it becomes tablecloth or for in outdoor picnic as square to put on the ground.

Reduced to 30cm * 40cm, it is used as guest towel. Washed before the first use to remove the primer, the Fouta is more convenient even when getting old because the more we wash it,the more it becomes absorbent and silky.

This textile meets the imagination of its users accommodating itself to new ideas (turban seroual). 100% cotton, fully hand-woven, smooth or honeycomb finishing,we all predict that the Fouta will certainly have a bright future.